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A Christmas Carol About Project Management

As we approach the Christmas holidays, I reflect on the magic of the season and the joy of being with family and friends for a bit of a break. But I'm also reminded of those who continue to manage our development projects around the world through the holidays. This blog is dedicated to those committed managers everywhere!

Weaving the magic of Christmas into project management in international development is like orchestrating a symphony of global collaboration.

Picture this:

The project plan, adorned with tinsel-like timelines, guiding teams like Santa's sleigh through the intricacies of cultural diversity.

Just as Santa checks his list twice, a thorough risk assessment ensures a smoother journey. International teams, like Santa's elves, work in harmony, each contributing their unique skills to deliver a global gift of progress.

In the spirit of holiday surprises, adaptive leadership becomes our guiding star, steering projects through unexpected challenges like Santa navigating stormy weather. Flexibility, like Rudolph's red nose, lights the way when unforeseen changes arise.

Communication, the holiday carol of project management, rings loud and clear. Like sharing Christmas wishes, effective communication ensures everyone is on the same festive page, reducing the chances of misunderstandings as teams dance through the complexities of cross-cultural collaboration.

As we wrap our international development project in the warmth of holiday camaraderie, let's remember that the true gift is not just successful completion but also a lasting impact on communities worldwide. May our projects be as joyful and impactful as a Christmas morning filled with smiles.

A Christmas-infused project management message from The Grants House ( Wishing for peace in the New Year and harmony amongst all people.

Merry Christmas to All!

Dr. Philip A. Tanner


The Grants House

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