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"Save Money and Time - and increase your revenue today!"

Hi, I'm Dr. Philip Tanner - Founder of  The Grants House.  I was once asked - what is one thing you've realized from all of your experience in grants work?  The answer is easy:

"Acquisition of grants from donors is possible by any eligible organization, regardless of their size, scope or reach. I've done it - punching well above my weight class. The main barrier is Not Knowing What We Don't Know.  Very simply, we all just need the right nudge, in the right direction to get ourselves grant-ready!"

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"I'm honoured to be admitted into the prestigious Listing of Marquis' Who's Who, in 2023."


Started in 1898, this gold standard biographical listing recognizes today’s leaders and achievers from around the world, and from every significant field of endeavor.

The Problem

Grants acquisition is time-consuming, expensive and risky.  We can't all hire new, qualified grant staff and investing public money into uncertain proposals doesn't guarantee a return on investment.

However, we all need to diversify our funding sources.  So what do we do?



The Solution

The Grants House services can improve your win-ratio and reduce those worrying risks to your bottom line. 

You're going to save money and time for your organization - and you're going to bring in more revenue to support your amazing work.


1. Take our proprietary Grants Training Courses on Compliance & Acquisition

2. Find the tools and guidelines you need in The Grants Workshop

3. Buy a monthly plan and get FREE access to a grants expert.  Why hire when you can reach out and get free advice?

4. Sign up and Receive regular Grant Funding Opportunities

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to give every organization and individual - anywhere in the world - the opportunity to operate on an equal playing field in the Grants Sector.

At the Grants House, we bring all the experience and knowledge that you need to be successful and consistent in developing your Grant Strategy!


You have only Grants to Gain. Truly -


The Next Grant Opportunity is in Your Hands!

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Philip Tanner, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO of The Grants House

Hi, I'm Philip Tanner.  I have a Ph.D. in Behavioural Psychology, focussing on women and girl's empowerment.  I have a multi-sectoral experience ranging from psycho-social and trauma support to nutrition, education, water & sanitation and health.  I've worked in over 65 countries and travelled to 116 and counting.  I grew up in Asia and Africa, living and schooling in 15 countries worldwide.  I joined the United Nations out of school and worked for a number of non-profits.  I have been a diplomat, a relief worker in conflict-affected countries, a development officer, project manager, country director and a regional director of overseas programs.  I've designed world-class projects, received awards for some, been a project manager of multiple large-scale projects, submitted hundreds of proposals and have had a highly successful win rate over that time.  I'm now also teaching University 3rd and 4th Year Under-Grads who are preparing to launch their careers.  Working with young people and preparing them for a career in fund-raising, project management and responding to the many emotional and physical challenges of working abroad has been especially rewarding.

I was honoured to be presented the Canadian Manufacturer's Award for top infrastructure initiative funded by the Government of Canada, the University of Waterloo's Alumni Achievement Award for outstanding contributions in my sector and, I was nominated by the Canadian Royal Niagara Military Institute to the prestigious Vimy Award (2020), for promoting democracy and peace globally.  And in 2023, I was admitted into the prestigious Marquis Who's Who in recognition of my work over the years.

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