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Not sure if you should join?

"In many countries, cell phone companies figured out that it's more affordable for clients to 'pay as you go' and to let customers have control over their own usage and services.  Well - that's what The Grants House is all about, too!  We want to make the experience of Grant-Seeking as simple and cost-effective as possible."


1.  Digital products are costed on a pro-rated basis.  It's all about volume.  So we bring you tools that are a fraction of the cost than if we were to make them for 1 client.

If we don't have something, we'll make it for you but then put it in the workshop, so you get the lowest price possible.  Tailor it and put your own brand on it - you own your copy!

2. Buy the Silver or Gold Monthly Plan and you get FREE access to a grants expert. 


FREE Zoom call bookings for Gold Plan members and priority responses to your e-mail questions for Silver Plan members (Gold also gets this feature).  

3.  Need a Proposal-writer? You'll get the best.


At The GH we pride ourselves on finding the best alignment of project design with your organizational strategy and ethos, that will impress any donor!

(*some conditions apply)

Should I join?

"Whether you're debating if you should join - or you need to produce a business case for your senior management - try asking yourself these questions.


If the answer is yes to any of them - then this is the right place for you!"

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Ready to Join?
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