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Do you like our mission and want to support us?

The Grants House wants to reach every charity that is struggling because they are just too small to hire the talent needed to acquire restricted grants!  So many small and community-based non-profits are working hard to deliver essential services to communities in need but they just can't raise the grant funds.  So we have set up the GH Scholarship Fund to give them access to our products and services - and all of our Online Courses - to learn how to do Grants Acquisition and Compliance.

If you feel that you've benefited from our site and/or have utilized the products and services - or just want to make a difference - why not make a 1-time contribution to promote our work and extend our services and products, through The GH Scholarship Fund?

Help small and medium (local) charities around the world learn how to fundraise and acquire restricted grants.  Thank you for your generous contribution, which will be faithfully applied!

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