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Jennifer Lawson

Program Manager, NGO

"I've enjoyed the Grants Courses.  I didn't know much about new business development and your first course taught me how to speak the language and where to look. It's such a relief to recognize the terminologies and to be able to 'talk the talk' in meetings. The second course was a big step forward.  I had no idea that so many departments had a role to play in an organization.  I can't wait for Course 3 to come out.

Thanks Jennifer!  We're so glad that you benefitted from the courses offered.  Stay tuned for more to come.  Keep us informed about your grants journey!

- The Grants House

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Grace Mwangi

Corporate Philanthropy Officer, Corporation

Thanks Grants House! I have taken your courses and have been transferred (even promoted a little) to our corporate philanthropy department.  I can't thank you enough.  I knew very little about grants acquisition and your courses have helped me dazzle my bosses.

Wow Grace!  That's amazing.  Thanks for sharing your journey with us and we hope that this is just the start of your climb on the corporate ladder.  Grants acquisition is truly one of the most sought after skills in the market place and you can't go wrong developing your knowledge and abilities in Grants.  Keep it up!

Young Student

Jason Chang


Thanks for the course Grants House.  I'm an international development student and taking courses in project management and cross-cultural adaptation.  I couldn't find any self-paced courses that would help me develop this core skill in fund-raising. The Grants House courses are detailed and cost less than one of my text books for a class I am taking.


Now I understand the basic international aid framework, how grants are allocated, sourced and delivered by implementing agencies. The combination of project management skills and fund-raising made it easy to understand and I feel this has really pumped my Resume up when I start applying for jobs.  Looking forward to the next ones!

Thanks Jason.  Great to see the next generation of Aid workers hitting the sector and glad that The Grants House can be part of your journey. Yes, our courses and all our products are meant to be low-priced so that everyone can afford them.  You can 'rent,' 'buy,' get single license or multiple licences (for life).  For students, we want access to be affordable and for non-profits in developing countries, we offer scholarships to support their learning too!  Keep us informed where you end up, Jason!

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