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"When you consider people's time, resources, money, grant-writer fees, travel, etc., organizations can spend anywhere from $5,000 - $100,000 or more when preparing a single proposal. And with up to 80% of grant proposals NOT being approved, that translates to millions of dollars lost - every year!"

Here's a bit of Background...

Some costs are unavoidable and others are because there isn't a sustainable and winning Grants Strategy that will maximize your grants win-ratio.  And over many years, we've learned that hiring a Grants Writer and writing a Fantastic Proposal is only one part of the strategy to win - consistently and sustainably.

Grants is "an art and a science."  And really - it's only 25% science.

The science includes all those things you have to get right in your proposal - just to be considered for an award.  If you get those things wrong - the templates, the word counts, your theory of change, the technical requirements, etc. - you'll likely lose the award.  If you get it right - you're still up against a huge market of competitors after the same grant award.  


This is where The Art of Grants Acquisition comes in!

In our GH lessons, we're going to de-mystify the grant sector and transfer (to you!) 25+ years of knowledge and experience in winning grants every time!  When you complete the courses, you'll be Grant-Ready and able to find your Unique Value-Add to become the donor's partner-of-choice in the sector!

Our courses won't over-load you with new templates and fancy tools - we're going to show you how to punch above your weight class - and win!

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Grants Acquisition and Compliance


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Philip has been teaching the "art & science" of grants acquisition & compliance for many years. 

These are fun and educational lessons that will help you grow your grants skills and knowledge. 


Try out our courses and learn a new skill today!  You literally have only Grants to lose!


Dr. Philip Tanner, Grants Acquisition & Compliance Coach

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About the Instructor

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Dr. Philip Tanner

Instructor - Courses 1 - 3

Philip has been a leading grants acquisition and compliance professional and Project Manager, for over 25 years.  With extensive experience on both the Grant-Maker and the Grant-Seeker side of Grants, he has designed and implemented some of the largest and most visible grant-funded projects globally.  These include:  The Hon. PM Trudeau's special initiative, Preventing Irregular Child Migration in Central America and Mexico (PICMCA/CONFIO) and, the highly acclaimed and award-winning, Rural Maintenance Programme (RMP), in Bangladesh. He also designed and launched the Rural Sales Programme (RSP), supported by the Gates Foundation, Bata Shoes, Unilever (and others) which has spun off into a private sector company.

Philip has consistently landed grants for organizations - big and small.  In fact - he says, "size is of no consequence when it comes to grants."  He has competed as a small agency and out-performed the largest non-profits.  He attributes this success to 'the art of grants" - not the science!

Philip was presented the Canadian Manufacturer's Award for top infrastructure initiative funded by the Government of Canada, the University of Waterloo's Alumni Achievement Award for outstanding contributions in my sector and, I was nominated by the Canadian Royal Niagara Military Institute to the prestigious Vimy Award (2020), for promoting democracy and peace globally.

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