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Scholarship for Small Non-Profits!

The GH Scholarship Fund

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Are you a member of any of the following types of organizations?


You may be eligible to access all GH Grants Acquisition & Compliance Courses with a Full or Partial Scholarship from

The Grants House Scholarship Fund.


  • Indigenous Tribal group or Band

  • Locally registered organization in the LAC, Asia, Africa regions (with revenue under $150K per annum)

  • Any organization with revenue below $75,000 per annum

  • Women-led organizations (with revenue under $150K per annum)

  • Organizations promoting diversity and inclusion (with revenue under $150K per annum)

All requests for scholarships should be sent to The Grants House, where the request will be assessed.  Successful scholarship awardees may be eligible to receive partial or full scholarships to access courses, products and services.

Note:  If your organization isn't listed here but you feel you are eligible, let us know and we will review the list of organizations.

All scholarships will be assessed independently and awarded at the sole discretion of The Grants House.

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