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The Grants House will be putting out a series of short question-type briefs to help you formulate your dialogue with the donor.  In our communications strategy lesson, in Course #2, we show you how to engage with the donor to establish a long-lasting and productive relationship, using our tested strategy of "Give," "Get," and "Engage."


In this brief, the Grants House is pleased to provide an ongoing set of questions that organizations can consider and plan for when they're at different stages of the grants process.  This 2-page set of questions can be used during that akward period between your proposal submission and 'no response from the donor.'  That period can be anywhere from 3 weeks to 18 months in the worst cases.  The questions provide you some guidance on what you should think about and what you should ask the donor in order to be pro-active and engaged during that awkward period of silence.

Talking Points with the Donor (Post-Submission of Proposal)

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