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Starting Your Journey In Grants Acquisition

Punching above your weight class!

The Grants House;; Dr. Philip A. Tanner, Ph.D.

When it comes to Grants Acquisition, some costs are unavoidable and others are because there just isn't a sustainable and winning Grants Strategy that will maximize your grants win-ratio.

And over many years, we've learned that hiring a Grants Writer and writing a Fantastic Proposal is only one part of the strategy to win - consistently and sustainably.

Grants is "an art" and "a science." And really - it's only 25% science

The science of grant writing includes all those things you have to get right in your proposal - just to be considered for an award. If you get those things wrong - the templates, the word counts, the eligibility criteria, the technical requirements, etc. - you'll likely lose the award. If you get it right - you're still up against a huge market of competitors after the same grant award.

This is where The Art of Grants Acquisition comes in!

In The Grants House lessons, we're going to de-mystify the grant sector and transfer (to you!) 25+ years of knowledge and experience in winning grants every time! When you complete the courses, you'll be Grant-Ready and able to find your Unique Value-Add to become the donor's partner-of-choice in the sector! Contact us when you've completed all 3 courses and we'll send you The Grants House Certificate of Completion and start you on the road to becoming a Grants Expert!

​Punch Above Your Weight Class!!

Our courses won't over-load you with new templates and fancy tools - we're going to show you how to punch above your weight class - and win!

Happy Grants Hunting!

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Philip Tanner, Grants Coach and Trainer. Founder of The Grants House

I'm Dr. Phil Tanner, founder of The Grants House. I've been working in international development and humanitarian relief work for over 30 years and now I'm excited to pass along my experience to you in The Grants House proprietary training courses!

Don't forget to give us a thumbs up after you read this blog and let us know if you want to hear more about our 20+ hours of Grants Acquisition Training Courses - where we will support you on your Grants Acquisition and Compliance journey.

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