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Become a Grants Expert Today!

Grants Acquisition and Compliance

Complete Grants Training Courses, Products & FREE Consulting Hours

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The Grants House University!  Over 20 hours of asymetric training on Grants Acquisition

A monthly membership plan (Silver or Gold).  Get free consulting and access to a grants expert, all month - fast!

Let us write your next grant proposal, conduct grants training or provide strategic input

The GH Workshop.  Need templates or guidelines?  If we don't already have them, we'll make the tools for you

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Increase your Proposal Win-Ratios

Identify your Grants Value-Statement

Start Generating Higher Grant Revenue

The Grants House supports non-profit and profit companies to compete effectively for restricted grants - improving win ratios and increasing your Return on Investment!


We bring over 30 years of project management experience and grants writing. As the founder, I've lived and worked in 116 countries worldwide, I teach University international development courses and have worked for multiple NGOs and UN agencies.


Now I'm pleased to share this experience with you on your Grants Journey!

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The Grants House University

Start Your Courses Here and Increase your Marketability and Skills Today!

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Membership has its Benefits

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The Grants House is proud to offer low-cost monthly memberships that give you FREE  monthly access to a Grants Coach and FREE Grants Consultancy Hours.

No need to tender or hire new staff.  Members get free access to expert advice, whenever you need it, for sustainable and consistent revenue growth and social impact.

* A 7-day free trial is available for all GH membership plans

25% Off





Are you ready to upgrade your skills today?

The Grants House Courses are the best-in-class!

Being skilled in the 'art' of acquiring grants is one of the most coveted skills in the market place. Organizations need skilled staff to diversify revenue sources.

The Grants House offers many Courses to make you an expert Grants Fund-Raiser.

Earn that promotion or find your dream job Today!

Note to self:
Visit The Grants House

I need:

1. Go/No-Go score-


2. Partner grants

     pipeline registry

3. EU funding strategy

4. Budget template

5. How to submit to Gac

6 ***Training

The "Science" of Grants

Guides & Tools

Templates, Guidelines & Policies

Grants Acquisition & Compliance requires that you have the right tools, policies and systems to do the job effectively!

Having the right capacity and knowing the donor requirements can make you eligible for grants funds.

Make sure you have the bare minimum requirements to meet all donor expectations!

The "Art" of Grants Training Courses

Influence, Networking, Strategy, Communications

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Best Sellers

Learn the basics of grants acquisition & compliance. Design your own in-house grants strategy.

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Grants acquisition is an

'art' and a 'science.'  Learn both here and become an expert fast!

At The GH Workshop

We create customized Grants Tools - or - just use one of our own. 
Ask Us Today!
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Top-sellers to date



Talking Points

with donors

Grant-Readiness Checklist

Developing an

effective comms


Budget Writing
1 low price per month and you have a grants expert on staff!

Bounce around ideas, request help on an issue or discuss solutions for any grant?

E-mail or Zoom with a Grants Expert - we'll answer your questions and provide recommendations.
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No job is too small or too large. If you need a consultant or a short-term grants expert on your team, book a consultancy today!

Use chat, e-mail or our online booking system.

Monthly Plans



Grants Training

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Every tool you need
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You can Buy or Rent Individual Grants Training Classes Individually without enrolling in the GH University

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Multiple Licence!!!

Unlimited staff access (within same agency)
Over 20 hours of Grants lessons

Special Corporate Offer

Only $784.48

30% Off

Coupon:  Corporate1

Courses #1, #2, #3

These courses are for multiple users and not part of the accredited GH University (content is same).

* Reg. Price

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Products available to you 24/7 

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