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The Grants House Preferred Partner Policy

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Preferred Partner with The Grants House. Our desire is that this network of Preferred Partners is beneficial to The GH members, the Partners, and The Grants House.

Value to GH Members:


Access to pre-vetted professionals for relevant services at accessible rates, and an extended professional community gathered around missional alignment.

Value to the Preferred Partner:

Strategic marketing through a growing client base, professional collaboration opportunities, and an extended community gathered around missional alignment.


The Grants House will receive consulting services requests from time to time and will be referring that work to preferred partners listed on the Grants House website.  At other time, members may select a specific consultant directly.  Additionally, services may be booked directly on the website or via e-mail, depending on the client needs.


Revenue Model:


The Preferred Partner may be booked by a client directly on The Grants House website or through referral.  The Preferred Partner will agree to pay a 15% commission to The Grants House for all work contracted through The GH booking system or via e-mail, if received directly. The Preferred Partner will agree to not make separate arrangements with clients booked through The Grants House but may, in subsequent contracts, develop alternate arrangements for contracts and payment.  Our community is established to help Preferred Partners expand their client base.

All Preferred Partners who wish to register with The Grants House will agree to pay a 1-time fee of $300, in order to cover administrative costs to set up the consultant profile and conduct necessary marketing.  This fee may be waived in certain circumstances (e.g. existing partners, previous referrals, etc.)

The Preferred Partner may post digital content on The Grants House Workshop, for purchase by the GH Members and visitors to the website.  The Grants House offers a unique revenue sharing model, whereby 15% of the retail price (before tax) is paid to The Grants House and 85% is paid to the Preferred Partner.  An automatic report is generated each quarter, which will be provided to the Preferred Partner. By submitting the content for sale, the Preferred Partner is warranting that the content is free from copyright and any hinderances of proprietary information.  The Grants House will not be responsible for material that is not wholly owned by the Preferred Partner. All applicable HST tax will be paid by The Grants House. The  Preferred Partner is responsible to report their own income tax, in their specific country.

The Preferred Partner is invited to conduct webinars and workshops for The Grants House community.  This can be done on the site itself.  The Preferred Partner may charge whatever fee they feel is appropriate for these special events.  The Grants House will be paid 15% of total revenue (before tax) for marketing, administration and access to The Grants House member base.

The Grants House will be sending out regular newsletters and blogs on various issues.  Each edition will showcase our Preferred Partners, on a rotating basis.  Here, you'll be able to write a short description of your work and expertise.

Value to The Grants House:


Connecting member organizations to high quality services, missional alignment supporting excellence in the sector, and an extended community gathered around missional alignment.

Information in the partner application will be kept confidential between The Grants House and its network of Preferred Partners at the time of submission. If accepted, The Grants House will contact you with a Preferred Partner Agreement.

Terms of Service:

All preferred consultants will be bound by the Terms of Service of The Grants House and are expected to sign up with a minimum Free membership plan.


If selected, preferred partners will be required to sign an agreement with the above-mentioned terms.  All contracts with referred clients will be managed between the Client and the Consultant directly, and the consultant will hold harmless The Grants House from any liability.

If you are interested to apply, please fill out the information below and return it to The Grants House by e-mail.



Email address: 

Phone number:     

Company  Name: 

Company URL: 

Years/months with company: 

Please list your areas of expertise:  


What is your passion/niche for services for relief and development organizations?

What geographical areas do you serve?  

How do you charge for your services (per hour/day/contract)? What is your normal rate?


Are you willing to negotiate fair and accessible rates for certain GH members (and their affiliate local partners) according to their capacity, including potentially offering a limited number of pro bono service hours, as appropriate?


Are you willing to work in a collaborative manner with other GH Preferred Partners, seeing them as collaborators rather than competitors?


Please provide the name, and contact information of 2 references that we can contact:

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