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If there is 1 tool that you will need at all times - it's the Go/No-Go Scorecard for New Grant Opportunities.  Every grant opportunity needs to be carefully assessed before investing precious resources and time into its preparation.  And since any staff in your organization can propose a new opportunity - you want a sure-fire way to hold people accountable, while also asking the right questions in relation to the new grant.  This tool will be your best friend in getting 'grant-ready' and making sure that you are doing your due diligence before starting that grant proposal.  This WORD doc is fully customizable and provides a convenient way of scoring each question.  Set your threshold and quantify if you are going to invest in the next grant opportunity that comes your way.

New Opportunity Scorecard (Go/No-Go)

C$18.95 Regular Price
C$14.21Sale Price
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