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Introduction to Grants 100

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Grants is one of the top skills you'll need to succeed in the profit and non-profit sector today! Welcome to the 1st Course in a series of lessons on Grants Acquisition and Compliance that will prepare you to be a strong candidate for recruitment by a profit or non-profit organization - or - to get that much sought-after promotion you're looking for. You're going to learn everything there is to know about restricted grant acquisition and new business development, from a pro who has more than 20 years of grants experience and successfully won an average of $21 million dollars per year through grants fund-raising. These courses are especially useful in the context of profit & non-profit organizations working in international aid and development, a sector including thousands of organizations that work around the world. However, the principles of acquiring grants are universal. Whether you're in the private or non-profit sector, you'll be able to use the principles and recommendations in our courses. In this course series, we're going to turn you into a highly attractive candidate for recruitment or promotion and, it will increase your chance of landing that high-paid job.

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