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Designing an Effective Influence Strategy

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This short course on designing an effective influence strategy is part of the 3rd Course (advanced) in a series of lectures on Grants Acquisition and Compliance that will prepare you to be a strong candidate for recruitment by a profit or non-profit organization - or - to get that much sought-after promotion you're looking for. Influencing is an important component of a strong grants strategy. It's not enough to simply look for grants, we also need to expand an organization's profile, visibility and footprint in the sector. An influence strategy will ensure that you are positioned as a "partner of choice" and top of mind for the donors you want to attract. These courses are designed to lead you on a capacity-building adventure, with the objective of training you on how to prepare your own Grants Strategy - without having to hire an expensive consultant. And with the completion of each course, you're welcome to take advantage of my free offer to speak to me directly, to get individualized guidance. Visit The Grants House and book a FREE appointment.

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