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"The Next Grant Is In Your Hands!"

Grants Acquisition and Compliance

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The Grants House is building a global Grants Community of Practice.  

Become a member today and take advantage of our free membership offer.


When you join - you'll get access to proprietary Grants Acquisition Courses, Featured Webinars and Short Training Videos, download Tools & Guidelines from the GH Workshop, get alerts on new Grant Opportunities from the GH Blog - and be part of our GH discussion forum.

Join Today and get a $50 credit to use for your next grants acquisition consultation.


You've found a place where grant-seekers can control what services they want and the cost, with access to huge discounts on all products and services.

 Join Our Grants Community Today!


3 instructor-led, asynchronous courses with over 20 hours  of intensive, certified  Grants Training.

Grants Acquisition is both "art and science."  You'll learn proprietary methods for developing a highly successful Grants Strategy to help you win - and keep winning!

Learn the "Art of Grants Acquisition," from a leading expert. Progress at your own pace and receive a certificate of completion. 


Take 1 course or individual lessons - or cruise through all 3 courses.

Complete a full course and get a

$200/course credit for a consultation booking, to discuss your own grants strategy.

Sale Ends February 2022
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The ' science of grants' includes having the right tools & templates, guidelines, policies, procedures and checklists.

But why spend hours building your own?

Come and browse our Grants WorkShop!


Don't see what you're looking for?  Ask us and we'll get it in the shop for you.

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EVERY PLAN gives credit towards free grants consultation in our booking area.

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Paid plans give you BIG discounts in the Grants WorkShop, Courses, Consulting Services - and Webinars.  All plans give you huge Return on Investment.

Your free membership doesn't expire!

Have you struggled to find the right grants consultant?

Our profile of  world-class grants experts puts you in control.  You select what you need.

Are you grant-seeking?  Are you building your grants strategy?  Are you developing a policy or an influence strategy?  Do you need a  grant-writer or someone to strategize with on your next proposal?  

Or - do you just need some consulting hours to clarify your processes?


The Grants House has the people you need.

Plan members get BIG discounts on all consultancies, so sign up today and start saving right away.

Use your free consultation credits to speak to one of our consultants today!

Sale Ends February 2022


Josie, how is the Grants House Different?

Grants Manager

"The Grants House is a member-based community, where people working on fund-raising through grants can get together and share best practices and experiences with each other.  

The discussion forum is an awesome idea.  A Grants Strategy is definitely a journey, (like you say in Course 1 lessons) and I can't wait for the membership to expand with  experts and beginners alike to share in that journey and to learn from one another on the discussion forum.  

My FREE membership gets me into the House and I'm looking forward to learning from others!​"

Thanks Josie!  We believe that No Agency should be left behind.  Why can't we all develop the Grants skills we need to succeed, including our local partners?  If you want to support our Local Partners in the field, head on over to the Donate Page and help us to provide equal access to those that can't afford it.

- The Grants House


Martin, what do we offer that you like?

Head of Marketing

Actually, there's 3 things I really like:

1. The GH WorkShop idea is great.  Writing guidelines, templates and tools is very time-consuming - and I need to focus on building my Grants Strategy.  I'll be looking for resources when you launch in the Fall 2021.

2. I've almost finished the first GH course and I'm already seeing a difference in how I approach my work.  More importantly, my peers are seeing the difference too!  I'm aiming to improve my win-ratio and build a strong grants strategy.  I'm recommending that our HR department make this a mandatory orientation for all of our program staff, as it will make everyone's life a lot easier and reduce stress in our organization.

3. The Discussion Forum is a great idea!  When you're taking an online course, there is huge value in having a support forum for follow-up questions and discussion.  I can just leave comments or document my journey (my successes, failures and tips) and I can ask questions from my peers in the industry.  It just gives me that extra confidence that I need to make certain decisions.

Thanks Martin!  The industry standard suggests that online learning is accelerated when there is access to professional support and supporting resources like the discussion forum.  You're not alone when you start our courses.  And we hope you'll take the next 2 courses, where we help you develop specific skills and prepare you to develop your own Grants Strategy (eta September 2021).

Remember - Our leading experts and GH members are here to answer all your questions.  And don't forget - you can claim your 1 hour free consultation with our instructor when you've completed the course (value of $200).

- The Grants House


Carla, what about the cost of joining?

Communications V.P.

"My biggest concern was not having to pay huge amounts to attend a webinar or workshop.  My last grants-writing workshop was USD800, which my agency paid for me to attend.  I can't afford that for my ongoing capacity building and training.  This is by far the least expensive I've seen and I get huge returns for my personal capacity building and my organization!

In my job, I don't have a lot of contact with Grants people - but I really need to understand this area better.  The idea of a community of practice (the discussion forum) and being able to follow discussions, ask questions and purchase templates I need, is awesome!

For personal and professional development, the course being offered is just what I need to better understand grants end-to-end and the wider context of aid instruments and types of donors we can approach (I'm so much better informed in my staff meetings).  :)

 I can't wait for the next Course on 'developing a communications strategy' with donors."  Thanks Grants House!

Thanks Carla!  At the GH, we believe that everyone and every agency should be able to afford access to needed capacity-building support.  As our membership grows, we'll be able to offer even bigger discounts.

We want to make this a community of like-minded fund-raising and grants specialists.  Enjoy our discussions and blogs! Purchase whatever you need from The GH WorkShop (eta September 2021) and if we don't have something, let us know and we'll post it there.

If someone chooses one of our low-cost plans (Silver, Gold & Early Bird), there are big savings in the first month.

- The Grants House

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